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True Ames

True Ames Lovelace Piggyback Keel Fins - Clear

True Ames Lovelace Piggyback Keel Fins - Clear

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Twin-Fin Set - Futures Compatible: Designed to work fluidly with performance hybrid-style twinnies, Ryan Lovelace created this template to bridge the gap between a traditional keel fin and an upright late ‘70s style design. 

Based down the street from us in Santa Barbara, Ryan is one of the most renowned and accomplished current production hand-shapers in the world. He has taken over the alternative surfboard scene with his ability to integrate designs from the past with modern ones to create his own niche. In true fashion, the Lovelace Piggyback Keel is a more progressive take on the traditional keel. 

This modernized keel set delivers drive and free-flowing turning ability like a traditional-style keel set would, but it has less area, making it more versatile and a bit more performance-oriented. A solid option in all types of waves from beaches to point breaks, the Lovelace Piggyback Keel equips you with the means to connect long, drawn-out lines in solid surf while retaining that smooth, twin fin feeling.

Height: 5.125" / 130mm  
Base: 5.75" / 146 mm
Area: 21.96”² /  141.69 cm²

  • Hybrid between a traditional keel and an upright twin fin with a 90/10 foil
  • Pairs well with all types of boards, but exceptionally so with performance hybrid-style twins in the 5’ – 7’ range
  • Solid fiberglass construction, raw finish 
  • Futures compatible

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