Online Surfshop: Wetsuits


Our online store currently stocks some of our best selling wetsuits. As our Tofitian waters tend to stay between 7-17 degrees Celsius, we mostly carry fullsuits (aka steamers). Stay tuned, as we update more brands and models to buy online.

What is a wetsuit you may ask?
A wetsuit is a neoprene garment worn by surfers in warm-moderately colder waters. It has many features including thermal insulation, buoyancy and protection against abrasions. First available to the public in the 1950's, wetsuits allowed users to venture into uncharted waters and for a longer duration. Constant advances in wetsuit technology; such as flexibility, warmth and affordability, have allowed people of all size, age & ability to take part in surfing, which means you have no excuse to get shredding today!

How do I pick a wetsuit?
  How often and how long are you surfing? Where in the world and what season are you using the suit? This will determine how thick of a suit you need. Storm carries mostly 5/4mm and 4/3mm full-length suits, with the occasional thinner suit ideal for a tropical getaway.

If you have any questions about our wetsuits, please call the shop or come visit us in person and our friendly staff will help you stay warm and informed.

Our Tofino location carries many fine brands of rubber, including Xcel, Rip Curl, O'Neill, Adelio, Roxy and Quiksilver.