• Matt Parker began shaping boards out of a Southern California garage, back in 2001. His various board models’ functionality is a result of constant trial and error, ongoing collaborations with some of the best surfers around the world, and a simple love for being in the water.

  • Pyzel Surfboards began in a backyard shaping room on the North Shore around 1995 or so, and has evolved to become one of the leading surfboard companies in the world today.  

  • The Lost Surfboard brand began in 1985 with now legendary shaper Matt Biolos and a bunch of school friends started up 'team lost' that would spend their time between snowboarding at Mt. Baldy, skateboarding in Upland at the Pipeline and surfing Dana Point.

    Lost Surfboards 
  • Since 1969, Channel Islands Surfboards has beendedicated to performance and quality through hard work, innovation, and originality. Over the last 50 years, Channel Islands has grown from a local grass-roots operation to a cutting edge organization, catering to the best surfers in the world.

    Channel Islands 
  • With over30 yearsof shaping experience, you can trust that you will be getting aqualityproduct. Every board is built to your specifications and shapedby handby Scott Rowley, right here in the Pacific North West.

    Northwest Surf Design 
  • Based in Tofino BC, Aftanas is recognized as leader in the field who’s precision and attention to detail is why his boards are in high demand across the world.

  • The Guild Surfboards has been shaping boards since 1983, and isan association of craftsmen building surfboards to the highest standards by some of the industries best shapers.

    The Guild 
  • Originally established in 1959 by Bing Copeland, Bing surfboards hold a large influence, history and participation within the surf industry. Their shaping factory is based in Encinitas, California.

  • Hobie Surfboards was started by Hobart “Hobie” Alter in 1950. He was a Laguna Beach resident who dreamed of living a clean, ocean oriented lifestyle. He achieved his dream through his love of surfing and with Hobie Surfboards.