Getting To Know / Jeremy Koreski

Getting To Know / Jeremy Koreski

Getting to know...

Jeremy Koreski

Today we welcome Jeremy Koreski into Storm Surf Shop to chat about his new gallery opening up alongside us!


Morning neighbour, thanks for coming in! Jeremy, how did you originally get into photography?

My dad gave me a Canon AE1. I started taking it to the skate park when it was still the black hills pavement skate park and to Rosie Bay where I’d spend hours shooting roll after roll of film of the beach crew - the Bruhwilers, Greigs, Ryan Erickson and others.


What has been your biggest challenge as a photographer?

My biggest challenge has always been to try and see what everyone else see's differently and always be original. Going to Iceland or the Grand Canyon or any other tourist lookout to take the same photo as everyone else makes me want to puke in my mouth. 


In your travels what has been your favourite destination and why?

It was a long time ago, but a surf trip for SBC with Pete Devries, Noah Cohen, Kiyo Oye, Nico Manos and Malcolm Johnson definitely stands out as one of the most memorable. But these days, my favourite destination is anywhere in British Columbia. 


First memory of Storm Surf Shop?

When it was still Ocean Surf in the building where Shed is now and before it was Ocean Surf it was Gold Coast that Ryan Taron managed. 


Growing up in Tofino must've been a pretty special experience, what's a pastime of yours? 

Hiking Lone Cone mountain.


You've clocked up some hours in the water here, what is your most memorable moment in the surf?

Shooting water at the Box on Boxing Day 2007 with Pete Devries. Allister wouldn’t let Noah leave work at Storm and he missed the day of the decade. 


You're opening up your first gallery! Why now? What was your inspiration behind the design and location of the gallery?

I've been looking for the right space for years now and nothing seemed to fit, but when I had coffee with Allister a year ago it all started to make sense. We both thought that is was a good fit and I asked my wife Sarah to work on a design. Im really stoked on how its turning out and am even more stoked to open the doors.


And last but not least, what could Canadian Tire and Save on Foods do to improve their catalogues?

Nothing really, they are both perfect just the way they are. 


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Jeremy Koreski Gallery

Instagram: @jeremykoreskigallery


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