Online Surfshop: Surfboards


Buying a surfboard online is tricky business and we don't recommend this tactic as a way to get your new shred stick. If you are planning on purchasing a new surfboard, we strongly recommend that you come into our surf shop (or call) and chat to the Storm staff.

We carry a range of quality boards, from longboards to shortboards and everything in-between. If you're looking for new stick, Storm Surf Shop is always stocked with a fresh range of boards!

You'll find lots of different brands of boards in our shop, but our mainstays right now are:

Northwest Surf Designs, OR: Owner Scott Rowley has been surfing & shaping in and around the PNW for over 20 years.

Hobie Surfboards, Dana Point CA: Since 1950, Hobie has been in the business of shaping a unique lifestyle based around fun, water and quality products.

Bing Surfboards, Encinitas CA: Building surfboards with the same integrity and quality since day one, 1959.


Tyler Warren Shapes, SoCal: With an extensive background in Art and Surfing, Tyler shapes a diverse range of longboards to shortboards and everything in-between.


TrimCraft, Santa Barbara CA: A collaborative brand furthering the tradition of hand shaped surfboards. By Lopez, Lovelace, Pavel.


Black Rose MFG., Florida: Creating timeless equipment for the dedicated surfer.



CJ Nelson Designs, Carlsbad CA: Evolving longboard surfing one board at a time with respect and love.

Channel Islands, Rincon Del Mar: Developing high-performance shortboards since 1969. 

Lost: Since 1987, By Matt "Mayhem" Biolos.


Pyzel, Northshore & Oceanside CA: A family run, international business.


Softech: The ultimate in softboard fun and performance.

Catch Surf, San Clemente CA: Premium special edition pro-surfer soft tops.