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Everything we know about skateboarding in a surf bootie.

Since your feet aren’t numb, shouldn’t you be able to feel something? Designed for cold water wear, the Surf Boot Hi has been built to exceed the needs of our team, every inch and every stitch crafted for comfort and performance in all conditions. SIZING NOTES: The Surf Boot Hi was intentionally designed to fit snug and be as form-fitting as possible to reduce excess material and water retention.


  • Thickness: 3MM
  • 360 Grip: Legendary Vans grip, extended on the sides and toes to give unmatched control and unfiltered boardfeel at any contact point.
  • Second Skin: Seamless fit puts nothing between you and your board. Plus, a molded toe cavity means no excess material for added comfort.
  • Cold Water Comfort: Warmth in. Water out. Liquid rubber-dipped neoprene makes it happen.