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Hobie 9.4 Thagomizer

Hobie 9.4 Thagomizer

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 9'4" x 23 1/2" x 3"

The Thagomizer, so termed by the great Far Side creator, Garry Larson.  This model checks every box an eye-catching noserider should have.  Prominent parallel rails for glide.  The rails featured are 50/50, round and forgiving, like a tennis ball; at the tail they are up-turned in an arc-tail shape, for that all important lift.  Terry Martin's influence on surfboard design is unrivaled anywhere, especially here at Hobie.  Featuring T. Martin rocker in a green weight U.S. Blank, relaxed the nose, and accentuated the tail rocker in the last 30 inches; more lift doubles hang time.  Up front, under the nose, reveals an expanded, canyon-esque concave, almost rail-to-rail, extending a third of the way down the bottom.  The idea behind Larson's Thagomizer is speed and hang-time.  None of this is theory.  The design has been tested and proven by the Hobie team.  You want to nose ride and have your sandwich too, get on a Thagomizer. 

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