6'6 Aftanas Analog


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Aftanas Analog, 6'6 x 21 x 2.83 x 41.7L

"The perfect blend of fish speed and shortboard control with a serious range sums up the Analog perfectly. Maybe not an absolute groveler but a board that works well from hip to well overhead. I don’t really believe in one board quivers, but I would say this is as close as it gets. I started with the outline of the Bob round tail, narrowed the outline, straightened the rocker profile from centre back and lifted the nose a touch. I kept heavy speed generating concaves through mid board, maxing just in front of the fins, bleeding into a subtle double concave out through between the fins. I left as much curve in the rail line as possible, especially through the last third of the tail, to keep things lively on rail. After 6 months of feedback, and a few tweaks from Coach Brown, we had a keeper on our hands. Shannon’s thoughts: “It’s a very fast and lively board that takes the effort out of generating speed and refocuses your attention to the lip and your next move.”



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