5'10 Lost Mayhem Quiver Killer E.D.D.


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Lost Mayhem Quiver Killer E.D.D. 5'10 x 20.25 x 2.50 x 33.0L

"On a recent surf trip to Indonesia, I realized nearly everyone in our crew had a QuiverKiller. The thing was, they were all custom ordered and had significantly more volume than our current stock dims. Being a board for not only young rippers but older guys as well, I decided to take at look at the sizing scale. The stock dims tend to force a lot of guys to go longer than wanted to net enough volume. I started feeling that the original size scale to be a bit slim in the lower size range. In most sizes there was room to make an upsized set of dims for the QK. Not really “Domesticated” sizing, but simply a a second, more generous, size scale to fit a larger assortment of people. Feedback has also been that a significant amount of surfers were hearing the hype about the QuiverKiller, but upon going into stores they saw the dims were a bit emaciated for their needs. I ended up adding a between 1.5 and 2.50 liters to each board. We believe that The QuiverKiller is a truly special board and we want to make it easily available to a wider range of surfers. I hope that these expanded, Every Day Dims (E.D.D.) allow more surfers to enjoy this well rounded design." - Lost Surfboards


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